About me

After studying art at the Art Institute of Chicago, I worked for 3 years at the Chicago Mosaic School where I discovered my passion for mosaic art. It was at CMS where I met and began to appreciate mosaic masters from Italy, France, England, Australia, and Japan. I was fortunate to revive the connection to my old world, Europe.

After 15 years in America, I returned to Germany in 2013. Since then, I have attended workshops in France and Italy and taken part international mosaic symposia. I keep the established contacts alive and deepen my own mosaic language with enthusiasm. I now work as a freelance artist and art teacher in Ulm. I exhibit my work nationally and internationally.


I find inspiration for art in nature. When I walk outside, my thoughts are free to wander with me. Maybe I’ll follow the sunset and I find myself in a different world. Sometimes, I’ll arrive on the banks of the Danube, where the broad blue river, filled with innumerable small drops of water, appears either clear or opaque, calm or rousing. 
The river carries my thoughts around the world to the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. There sandy beaches turn to bizarre ice sculptures in winter and the wind and sun paint the lake in facinating colors during summer.

‘It is no coincidence when I collect
tree branches with mossy texture,
fine pebbles, washed ashore,

driftwood structured by annual growth rings

as I am attracted by items that tell me stories.
I will certainly include them one after the other in my artwork.’

Born in Rickenbach-Hottingen, Black Forest, Germany
BA Business Administration, Product Management 
Move to the US Illinois, 1998
BA Bachelor Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US IL, 2006 
MAAE Master of Art in Art Education, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL 2009
Mosaic Training, Mosaic teacher at Chicago Mosaic School CMS, 2010-13
Works with Karen Ami, Matteo Randi, Verdiano Marzi 2010-13
Freelance artist and art teacher, Ulm 2014
Focus: mosaic, sculpture, painting


Curator's Choice Award, Around the Coyote Gallery, Chicago IL (2007)
Margaret Burroughs Award, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago IL (2009)
2nd Prize 'Fragment' Mosaic Competition, Pfaffenhofen, Germany (2017)